Saturday, October 22, 2011


It never fails.  When you are trying to get something done around here, a cute little kitty will come along and distract you.  Or in this case, jump into the laundry you're trying to take care of.

Or two may come along.  Either way, their cuteness is getting in the way of progress.
Chunk and Natasha.

Sorry about the Instagram photos guys, I couldn't resist the convenience factor.  I can smell a pizza in the oven and it's calling my name.  Oh, I'm Mafiosagrrl on Instagram.... like that's a surprise, just call me "Captain Obvious!"  Are you on there too?  Lemme know!


Lisa said...

Ack, look at these kittehs! Look at them! Could they seriously be any more enduringly cute? They could not. Kitty's are made for warm laundry baskets.

MafiosaGrrl said...

They certainly are, especially these two. They are quick to take advantage of it...or an open dresser drawer. Creatures of opportunity, these ones.