Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Since Saturday, I've heard. "Phew, it's over.  Finally!" about a million times.  When you work retail, that is to be expected.  However, I have a confession.... unlike everyone else working in this field, I actually love the holiday season!  Strange, I know.

This year it was great, we actually put up lights and decorated a tree! Almost picture perfect, except for the whole snow thing.  Not one flake 'round these parts, I wish.  Just plenty of rain.

If I could say one thing about our tree this year, it has "us" written all over it.
Yay for Tree-Bots!
Yes, that is a real pine cone on our tree!  How cute is that?!  We were lucky enough to find two of those little guys on the tree once we brought it in.  As for the pickle, I've heard some debate as to whether or not it's really a German tradition.  Oh well, even if it isn't, I still love pickles.  So why not one for the tree?

Christmas included wearing PJs (Jammers around here), Scrabble, cuddles, football, movies and tasty beverages all day.  We exchanged awesome gifts and basically took advantage of a quiet day together.  A rarity.  I hit the jackpot with my presents, lots of cute things to share with you.  And lots of supplies to make cute things to share.  Oh, my babycakes knows me so well.

At the moment, I'm taking a break from crafting to enjoy a cup of coffee...Santa brought the house a Grind n' Brew.  Yum!  

I hope that you enjoyed a lovely holiday with the ones you love.  Wishing you many more in the future.  I also hope you are having a craftastic day.  See you soon!


artymess said...

Double YAY for tree bots Ilove him ...........happy Creative New Year to you ...xx

MafiosaGrrl said...

Probably the best ornament that we have! Hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday season with your family! Best wishes for all of your creative endeavors in 2011!