Saturday, December 18, 2010

My 1st Caturday!

Have I mentioned that I just love Becky of Becky's B-Thrifty Blog.  Becky is a sweet, stitchin' lady who just so happens to be a teacher!  (Anyone who is a teacher has a special place in my heart!)  She's also in love with the same things as me- kitties, thrifting, embroidery, old TV, Elvis...should I keep going?  Anyhoo, she's wonderful and has the sweetest feature on her blog, Caturday!  Isn't that cute?  I thought so, which means I'm totally going to have a few Caturdays around these parts.  I figured with three cats, I'll have plenty of material.  A big thanks to sweet Becky, for the inspiration!

Everyone likes pictures of cats, right? don't?  
Sorry!  You'll probably want to avoid my blog for the next few Saturdays Caturdays!

Hmmmmmm, what to share??  As my first Caturday, I should probably kick it off with the OGK, (Original Gangster Kitty) Mama Sass.

It all started with her. A crazy lioness of a cat.

The guy was pretty anti-cat for a long time.  Understandably so, after several bad experiences with an old roommate and her kitty.  However, after getting the big guy, Tequila (Yes, we're aware of the female emphasis there.  It's a long story, for another time.) he warmed up to the idea.  One night a co-worker called to tell me she was bringing over a stray kitten.  However, she  arrived with a "teenage" adult kitty who was promptly scared away by the dogs in the house.  Eventually she came back and we became one big happy family- Dillon, Jackson, Tequila and Mama Sass.  We were surprised, but not the least bit upset, when this skinny-minny gave us 5 kittens!!! (That, too, is another story entirely!)

Sadly, after having her litter and being fixed, she changed quite bit.  When the babies we kept were old enough to be developing their own personalities and exploring their space, she became very hostile towards them.  She fought them all of the time and eventually ran away.  We put up posters and checked every shelter around for months, however we never saw her again.   After seeking some advice we found that this was pretty common with feral cats who become domesticated for a short period of time.

I was still pretty devastated.  Having grown up in NY, I didn't even know what a feral cat was until Sass came along.  With the weather being so temperate here, most people let their cats out all year-round.  I'm still torn on the subject.  (It's been the topic of many a heated discussion 'round these parts.)

After she left I felt so guilty, however, I'm convinced that she only moved a few blocks away.  There is a huge college that maintains a colony of feral cats (with controlled breeding and health-care, of course.)  There is one that looks just like Sass.  She has yet to approach when I call, so I mainly look crazy, but I'm used to that.  I still think it's her.  I also still miss her terribly.  Maybe it's wishful thinking but I still hope that it's her.  And that maybe she cruises by here every once and a while, just to see how her babies are doing.  You never know, crazier things have happened.

So, yeah.  That's Mama Sass, our first kitty.  She's a beauty, no?

Thanks for tuning into my first Caturday!  I'll be back very soon with more fun stuff.  Having missed you guys so much lately, I'm trying to make up for lost time. See you soon.  Have a craftastic day!


artymess said...

What a Catastic idea .i love kitties too i had 6 at one time but only have one 18yr young left Georgie....I quite often put her on my blog .....
Jacquie I have an ATC for you from my giveaway me your address and i'll send it ....have a catastic day.....xx

Becky said...

Aww thank you Jacquie- you just made my day!
Mama Sass looks like a real cutie, even though she beat up her babies! We had a family cat (who was inside/outside) who just upped and left one day. It was so upsetting and we hoped for a long time that he would come back, or that we would spot him. In the end we came to the conclusion that he must have climbed into the back of someone's van..and the other theory was that a nice old lady had adopted him and he was living the life of luxury.
So glad you're taking part in Caturday!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Right now we have 3 kitties...little terrors, lol.

Wow, 18?! That's one wise kitty :) Thanks, Lorna- I can't wait for my ATC. I've always loved your work!

Becky- No, thank you for the idea :) Oh, that's too bad. I'm sure he was ok, kitties are so tough. When my mom was a kid, they had a kitty that was really temperamental. One time it was on the counter eating something and my grandma swatted it down. It got so mad that it ran away to the neighbor next door. My mom and aunts would always try to go get it, and it would leave again. Sit right beyond the fence and shoot my Nana dirty looks, lolz.