Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Banner- in progress

Banner- in progress
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This will eventually make it's way to the top of this blog and my etsy. I plan on going over the gray with a brighter color so it's a little easier to read. I'd also like to try out some English Paper quilting on it and perhaps a little fabric collage embellished with more embroidery. I made this on a piece of fabric cut from an old favorite pair of pants. Couldn't bare to part with them just because I've gotten a little too chunky for them :) It's just cotton, but the outside is ridiculously soft, like micro-suede.

The bottom part says, Keep your friends close and your crafts closer.  This is going to be the motto on all of my packaging for my etsy.  And yeah, it's pretty much my motto in life.  The gray does not photograph well at all.  I'm thinking of satin stitching  it in white.  More pictures to come soon!

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