Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've decided to try my hand at ATCs.  I've always loved looking at them, viewing each as tiny little works of art.  These were the first two I whipped up.

For this, I combined my love of fabric and proverbs.  I collaged scraps from my jar onto the cards with Modge Podge (love it!!) and let it dry overnight.  I used Glad Press and Seal to write the words on top and punched holes with a straight pin... it was a pain with all of that Modge Podge to go through.  I embroidered the words with two strands of floss.  I wish I had either used more floss or a more visible color.  I had intended on hanging it in my studio area as a little reminder to use every possible material to it's fullest.  In an attempt to make it more visible in the little frame I was going to use I colored the white floss with marker... however, this didn't really work.  Oh well, in the album it goes instead.

The second one, because I'm sassy and sweet at the same time!  I've had that polka dot tissue paper forever, ha ha.  My Mama wrapped a few of my Christmas presents in it a few years ago.  I'm not a pack-rat, I just see potential in things others throw out!

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