Sunday, September 20, 2009

2nd Batch of ATCs

This was my second batch of ATCs.  Starting out with this-

The shiny surface created by the modge-podge makes it hard to photograph (it's ok, I still love ya MP)  All of the trim and ribbon is vintage.  It's tiny left over pieces from when I was cutting and packaging yardage for my etsy.  I couldn't resist the jeweled eye, because like every gal with an inner pin-up, the thought of frilly "unmentionables" puts a sparkle in my eye.

Then this little window.

The shingles are also left over from my etsy packaging exstravaganza.  The yellow fabric came from my scrap jar, some may recognize it from my Lazy Daisy Crafting Kit.   The rest is card stock and watercolors on bristol.  There is actually a tiny piece of plastic for the window, but you can't tell here.

And finally, Hope.

Featuring my official ballot and the one, the only President Barak Obama.  Almost entitled, "PILF" however, I figured that was just plain inappropriate. Ha ha, sometimes I just can't help myself.

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