Monday, August 31, 2009


Part of the reason I'm maintaining this blog is to catalog my work and watch my progress.  So, not everything will be a masterpiece but with the good comes the bad.  Another reason is to try to be more productive.... I've been a bit stagnant these last few months.  I'm hoping that by sketching everyday that I'll get back into the swing of painting everyday.  Just to get a brush or charcoal in my hand and get the ol' juices flowing through the arm again.  As much as I love stitching I'm feeling a little confined with all of the tiny stitches.
These are a few sketches that whipped out in a hour or so.  Both are in charcoal, unfortunately they're a little cramped as my book doesn't quite fit on the scanner. 
My baby, Tequila, napping.  Since the papasan chair is roughly the same size as his bed, he's been convinced from the day we got it that it's his living room bed. 
Just some jars.  Ugh, I have a horrible habit of making things look like they're floating.  
Need to work on those shadows.

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