Thursday, August 27, 2009

Holy Craft Batman!

When it comes to crafty stuff, I just can't help myself. My stash is HUGE and it just keeps getting bigger! I have supplies for crafts I haven't even learned yet? Strange? Yes. A bad thing? No, I'm just prepared.
Lately I've been bulking up on supplies through thrifting. It also helps to feed my hunger for all things vintage. Yay for two birds with one stone! You just can't find some of this at big box craft stores. I try explaining this to my man but he'll just never get it. He just shakes his head and opens the trunk for me as I try to explain how awesome it all is. Usually I'm too giddy to spit it out coherently. Ahh, love. I'll never understand it.

Check out these beauties:
Some of my favorites. Never thought I was much of a pink girl.... guess it turns out I was wrong!

All vintage fabric. Best part about it, the store sold it by the pound.

The reds.

mmmmm, texture.

The pinks.
Rainbow goodness. Can't get over the super 80's one, I'm going to hate cutting into it.

That's right, it's velvet. Yeah, baby. This one is way to crazy to capture it all on film. There are about a dozen different design element thrown on there.

And last but not least. A nice jersey cotton covered in golf stuff. Got it to make something for the Fam, they just can't get enough golf. I'm thinking little drawstring bags for tees and such.

Yeah, I derive way too much pleasure from hoarding craft supplies, but I'm ok with that.

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