Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Words on Wednesday!

See you tomorrow?  Wow, I was feeling ambitious when I wrote that, considering it was a holiday weekend.  I should have known that I would be more focused on stuffing my face with delicious grilled food and maintaining a frosty beverage at all times.  Although the "off to pet someone" part was pretty accurate.  Our babies got a ton of attention this weekend since it was both of us at home.

Last week I missed "Words on Wednesday" because apparently I can't keep track of time and realized too late that it was actually Thursday when I wrote it.  Oh well, turns out for the better anyways.  Looking back at it, it's a bit grumpy and depressing, reflecting my mood at the time.  Trashed it.  This week it'll be happy!

Today's words are, "Officially Licensed!"  I received my signed contract back and I am now officially licensed by Sublime Stitching!  Yay!  

It's crazy to think that years ago a little ol' ad for Jenny's patterns in the back of a Juxtapoz magazine got me started on this crazy embroidery journey.  Now I'm licensed by her company to sell items made from those patterns!  It's really mind blowing to me.  I never would have thought that a little curiosity about a new hobby would turn into so much, it's practically my life now.  I've learned so much and met amazing people, all thanks to embroidery.  It's nuts!

I'm happy that I can share this news with you, it's very exciting for me.  Now that that's done, I'm off to get in a little stitching before work.  Then I'll be back at it when I get home, I've got to get this thing finished by this time next week!  I'll share another picture soon.  I know that last one was horribly vague.  Bye for now!


Crystal Rhew Staley said...

So exciting!! Yay!

Lisa said...

Wahoo!!! Look at you, all professional and stchuff!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, I was running to my mailbox everyday, in anticipation! Going to be able to add lots of stuff to my etsy now :)

casquette red bull said...

very cool post!

Sam said...

Awesome!!!! Congratulations!!!