Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Upcycled Sewing Case

Hey there, guys!  Remember the other day when I said I was at least a month behind with sharing projects with you?  Well, holy smokes, I just found something from all the way back in June!  Shameful.  Well, despite being little bit behind the times, I think that you will like this project.  A little bit of everything went into it- stitching, upcycling, felt, pretty paper, beads, power tools!  Fun all around.

You guys know that I love to recycle.  So when I find a product that I like and it also has nice, sturdy packaging, it's like a bonus!  Silly, I know, but something has to excite me.  (Fun Fact:  I hoard glass jars...it's true.)  Over the summer, before we went camping, I decided I need a little something to store my embroidery projects in.  I whipped up a little case made from the packaging of face wash wipes.

 It's pretty big too, considering the jar was excessively large for the product.  (Sorry, Aveeno, it's true.  I love you, but you went overboard on this one.)  Which is one of the main reasons I decided to reuse it instead of just tossing it in the recycling.

The inside of the lid and jar.  That had to be pretty too!

Want to see more photos of it?

You'll noticed I used a set of Sublime Stitching patterns and of course, metallic floss.  (I'm an addict.)  It's certainly not my prettiest stitching but I'm happy with it.  And I think Mother Earth would be too.  
What do you think? If anyone is interested I can throw together a tutorial.  Just let me know.  Hope you are having a craftastic day!


artymess said...

Cute little box and I think your stitching is exquiste ....xx

Kym said...

Your stitching is always one of my favorites to look at!
And those boxes are so sweet and clever.

Glenda said...

Very, very cool =).

That's a plastic container, right? What did you use to create the holes and how did you transfer the patterns?

richelle jean said...

your stitching is adorable!! this inspires me. thanks for sharing. :)

(sweet) stephanie said...

that is so creative! i've never seen anything like that before :]

Becky said...

I wanna know what Glenda asked!

You did a beautiful bunch of stitching here! I'm imagining a sturdy straight pin and a tack hammer to pre-poke holes for stitching.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, ladies! I'm making little tutorial, it was going to happen yesterday but I got called into work early. Plus side- more money to buy crafting crap. Down side- less time to play with it and blog.

As for the holes, it was super easy. Drill, baby, drill!!

Kira said...

What a great idea! So smart to drill ahead... I'dve probably spent a few minutes trying to drive a needle through the plastic, then giving up altogether. So pretty! Love the beads.

Becky Farley said...

YOu're famous ps :)
I saw this on twitter: http://ht.ly/3a1Fn

wootwoot!!!! so awesome!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks Kira! I always think of your bead soup when I open my bead drawer. I store them in little bowls, but some have fallen out and are forming the base for a lovely bead soup!

Thanks Becky! I was floored when I saw it on FB this morning. Nice start to my week though :)

Anonymous said...

this is sooooo awesome! And since I happen to use this product I will be saving and creating some of my own to give as gifts.....would also be a cool way to package a gift, then the receiver get 2 gifts in 1, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Def. a cute packaging idea. I love functional stuff like that. Share your creations with us, pretty please!?