Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Love Mrs. Evils!!!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Mrs. Evils? She is a lovely and talented, fellow Sonoma County, crafty lady with a special place in her heart for Zombies.  I should actually say, multi-talented, not only does she stitch but she also makes amazing Barbie art dolls and dioramas.  Oh, and she makes super lovely eyeshadow.  What can't this lady do?  Check out her shop, it's full of awesome sauce. 

Guess what?  I won a Mrs. Evils doll in a giveaway from Zombie Hoard!  Can I tell you how pumped I was to have my very own, one of a kind, masterpiece from the genius herself?  Over the moon!

Here she is, Emanuelle.  The 70's, French clown Zombie. 
She's creepy and bloody...and perfect.  I love it!

Mrs. Evils was gracious enough to answer some questions for me.  So, read on and learn why I adore this hilarious lady!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Just turned 36. In real life I supervise a bunch of kids in a drug testing lab. I have a super awesome guitar playing husband who I've been with for 11 years. I have 3 evil dogs and one evil cat. I don't sleep enough and I watch too much TV. When I'm not drinking Champagne out of the bottle with a straw, (J is my favorite) I drink way too much decaf Constant Comment. I'm pretty awkward in most social situations and I tend to trip and fall down for no real reason at all.

What was your inspiration for My Pretty Zombie?
I started making the zombie barbies on a whim as gifts for friends. Once I found out about Etsy, I needed a name. I wanted something gory, yet girly, which pretty much sums up everything about me. I don't know too many other chicks that like the color pink and fake blood as much as I do.

What was your inspiration for this particular doll?
The inspiration for the 70's French Clown Zombie was from this terrible French 70's almost soft core vampire movie called "Requiem for a Vampire". There was hardly any dialogue, and it made very little sense. The opening of the movie is two girls dressed as clowns shooting at a car that is chasing them and returning fire.
The whole premise of them being dressed as clowns is never explained in the movie, but makes it worth watching for that alone. I had no idea how difficult it would be to make a zombie look like a clown and the whole process took way longer than I anticipated. the snowcone is my favorite part!  (It's my favorite part, too!!)

Besides zombies, what else do you dig?
Barbies, make up, anything gory, horror movies, Trailer Park Boys, totally obsessed with my iphone in general and Tapfish, in particular, and buying all the barbie stuff that I either had or didn't have as a kid. I think it's a midlife crisis thing, but as my husband pointed out, it's cheaper than a ferrari or a boob job.

You know I'm a movie gal, what is your favorite one?
I have so many favorite movies zombies and otherwise that I couldn't pick just one:
*Non traditional zombie: The Signal
*Traditional Zombie: Dawn of the Dead (original and remake)
*Italian Zombie: Zombie
*Campy Zombie: Return of the Living Dead Part 2
*80's slasher: Sleepaway Camp
*Kung Fu Asian: the Mr. Vampire series
*Horror Asian: The Eye 2
*And if asked I'll always take Jason Voorhees over Freddy or Michael Myers.

Who are your favorite artists?
My favorite artist of all time would have to be Mark Ryden. Oh and Tom Savini. More Meat and Blood please!

What would your zombie movie be like?
My Zombie movie would be a non stop bloody gore fest! And totally campy and stupid. I love doing the zombie make up, I think it would be so fun to do a zombie flash mob on Christmas Eve at the mall! Maybe that should be my movie!

Worst zombie movie ever?
I've seen tons, but most have some redeeming qualities. Zombie Honeymoon, on the other hand, couldn't watch it long enough to even get to the zombies...ugh.

Who is your favorite TPB? (Trailer Park Boys- an amazing Canadian TV show that we are in love with!)
This is the hardest question of them all!
My first instinct was to say Corey and Trevor, but then I was like "who am I kidding?! Conky!" Although, the Ricky-isms are such huge part of my life and regular speech. I constantly describe situations and even inanimate objects as being "effed in the head"
I love that show so effing much!

Bonus just for fun- How many tattoos do you have?
Another huge obsession. I'm always plotting out the next one, but I'm running out of room! My favorite one is always whatever one I had done last. Right now its the stiches on my shoulder that makes it look like my arm is falling off.
I started when I was 17 and have been adding steadily for almost 20 years. I'm pretty much covered to mid thigh except for my stomach and my upper chest. When people ask how many, I really don't know how to even count them anymore so I just say "One big one"

Now, do you see why I say she is awesome?!  So, go check out her blog and her etsy.

YAY for Mrs. Evils!!


Mrs. Evils said...

AWWW! (blushes) Thanks for the great interview, Jackson! It was totally fun! I'm so glad that Emanuelle found such a divine home!

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Mrs.Evils gives great interviews! Thanks for sharing this!

Kimberly said...

Now that's a tattoo!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Andrea- the pleasure was all mine. thanks again :)

Erin- She certainly does, cause she kicks ass!!

Kimberly- Doesn't it make you jealous? Just a tad?