Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Done!

My wreath is complete and I'm all hung up on it!
I ended up adding a lot more stuff than I originally expected, but I think it all works well together.  The toadstools where inspired by a tutorial I saw on knick knacks & ric rac.  However, I changed it up a little bit.  Instead of thread spools, I used painted corks.  I used felt for the spots, instead of pom poms.  Gotta work with what you've got, right?!  I liked the mushrooms so much I made a whole bunch of ornaments for our giant tree.  Those are up next!  

I'm enjoying a relaxing day, so it's about cocoa time 'round these parts.  I have one more day of work then a three day weekend with my honey!  I'm so excited.  And lucky.... a 3 day weekend in retail....over Christmas?!  Guess all those weekends in a row with crazy hours are paying off for me.  Oh, and New Year's Day off?!  I'm practically giddy over here.


Giggly said...

Merry X-mas Miss Jackson! I LOVE that wreath. XOXOX

Sandra said...

Very cute!

Lisa Leggett said...

Aw, Jax! This is the best wreath I've seen on the interwebs this year! I love every single thing about it. Great job little lady! Oh, and days off over Christmas & New Years? Booyah!!

Lisa Leggett said...

p.s. I got your Xmas card in the mail today, thankee-thankee!!

ameera said...

Hi, while i was walking around i have seen your blog, i didn't see all your work but i have liked what i have seen
Good luck!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, ladies! I hope that you all enjoyed a lovely holiday and a happy new year! I've been neglectful of my poor little blog, hoping that in 2012 I can stay more on track!

Can't wait for my next wreath, I'm thinking something bright for Spring. Never thought I would enjoy the floral section of the craft store, but all of the crazy, glittery embellishments are calling my name!