Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thriftacular Thursday!

I collect postcards, so I was over the moon when my honey recently surprised me with a stack of super old ones.  They're amazing!  Most of them feature brightly colored images on linen paper.  I just about lost it when I saw these cards.  Yes, I'm a giant nerdy person.

They're just such gorgeous examples of a bygone era.  Sadly, most people don't even send mail anymore.  So not only is the art of letter writing slowly dying, but all the amazing little items and processes that go along with it.  There are still a few people dedicated to preserving this form of communication, however, most people just appreciate these types of things.

These are a few of my favorites from my surprise stack.

I love the old cars in the front one.  That one is of an Inn located on the campus of Dartmoth, in New Hampshire.

Old NY ones!!  Nothing like what you'd pick up in The Big Apple today.

These ones are crazy!  Originally a book of twelve, they feature various areas of a Cabaret in Paris.  More specifically Le Lido des Champ-Elyees.  We have numbers 2-12, and I haven't been able to find much information online.  We may never see what number 1 was.
Oddly enough,  I did find a site selling one of the cards I have.  It shows the marble bridge that spans one of the pools.  Something looked a little funny about it though, so I took a closer look at ours.  It features a ladder, probably used for diving, that the one for sale doesn't have.  Crazy, huh?  Maybe we have some super rare prototypes, the photographers originals?!  Ok, maybe I watch too much Antiques Roadshow, but I just love thinking about the history of things.  Like who did all these cards belong too?

So, have you come across any treasures lately?  Do you like writing letters? How often do you write?  I try to write a few letters every week.  I also belong to Postcrossing and that's a lot of fun, too.  Most of these cards will stay in my collection, but I'm certainly enjoying sending some of these oldies out into the world.  I like surprising people and I'm sure most people don't find a 65 year old postcard in their mailbox very often!  Back to work, I've spent far too much time on the computer already today.  See you later, gators!

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