Saturday, May 7, 2011


In the evening and on weekends our neighborhood is really quiet, so Chunky is allowed to go outside while it's still light out.  He pretty much just lays on the porch and makes silly noises at the birds.  

While he's not doing that he plays his favorite game.  It looks like this.

He sits at the door and meows super loud....over and over again.  When you try to let him in he will turn around and ignore you.  A few minutes later, he will do it again.  It could really go on for hours if you indulge him.  After several dozen interactions like this, he will finally come in.  At that point he will saunter to the back door and demand to be let out again.  He scratch his favorite tree, then right back to the front door to play again.  It's a vicious cycle.  Like I've said, he runs this place.

P.S.  That's the roomie's new car in the background.  Every time I see it I expect Joe Pesci to come walking up the house with a baseball bat.


keNi said...

we cat lovers all go through this!!!! we finally made it so the cat could just push the screen door open on his own, and he could use his paw to open it from the outside! they're such stinkers! also, do these silly noises sound like chittering, like raccoons? that's the noise one of our cat makes, it's so cute and pathetic at the same time!!

Becky said...

I love Chunk and I want to meet him - he cracks me up. What is it with cats and their indecisiveness? One of mine has a habit of meowing for dinner endlessly. Then when she gets her dinner, she decides she doesn't want it after all.

Sandra said...

He just wants you to sit on the porch with him...until you do it. Then he will go sleep under a tree. :)