Monday, April 5, 2010

My Bag o' Fun!

Last Thursday, April 1st, I filled up a bag with goodies and set out to beautify my neighborhood.  Armed with toy and flowers, it was a feel good kind of day.  The weather was gorgeous after raining on and off all week.  I figured a break in the rain was a good day for the flowers to come out.
I live in an historical neighborhood located near the local Junior College.  I love it because in spite of the flurry of activity going on a block away, our neighborhood is nice and quiet.  Walking across the campus, I decided that was where I would leave my flowers.

Don't get me wrong, most of the campus is beautiful and it has lovely grounds- check it out.  It's a great mixture of old and new, brick and tons of greenery.  It's a very lovely place should you make your way to Santa Rosa.   However, there are a couple spots on campus that aren't so nice to look at.  Thankfully there are very few, but they do exist.  So, that's where I put my flowers.  Like attaching a felt flower would really negate the ugliness before you but hey, it makes it more interesting to look at.  You'll see what I mean by ugly...  Their placement is random but you can only do so much with a staple gun.

So, you're walking along.  Pretty, pretty, pretty then BAM!  Ugly, gnarled telephone pole... I mean it doesn't even have interesting posters or stencils or anything.  It's in serious need of some yarnbombing but since I'm not that cool, I whipped out a flower.

Ugly brown wall that doesn't match any other place on campus.  
(Tune in later to see the awesome found object of the day.  It was located here.)

Hideous restrooms located near the baseball fields.  Even a flower can't help this one.

Okay, so now that I feel really bad about making my local school look terrible.  I'll show you some nice pictures of it because it really is a wonderful school with great teachers.

If you go the site that this one is from you can see other places on campus too.
The new library.

Burbank Hall- The Drama Department is located in here.
Ok, enough with the school. I'm not trying to subject you guys to an infomercial.

One more flower picture!
I used wire on the back to attach these.  I liked that method a lot and will do more of it next.  I didn't realize how limiting the staple gun would be.  There are a lot less staple friendly surfaces than I thought.  Oh well.
There is entirely way too much barbed wire on this stretch of the road.

So, yeah, I thought you guys would want to see where I put my silly flowers.  Hope that wasn't too boring for you.

Thanks for looking!  See you again soon.


artymess said...

You ROCK !!what a great thing to do man jim has been talking about putting canvas paintings about the place I am going to join in now ........and the lucky kids who have your darling toys to love now....I love it.....Lorna

Kira said...

This made me smile! I know I'd be delighted to find a pretty flower in an unexpected place :D

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks guys, smiles were exactly what i was going for with these! i'm itching to put up a lot more now.

lorna- i love the idea of paintings! big ones, little ones? either way I'd love to see!

Lisa Leggett said...

You're on a roll!! Good Karma is coming your way! This is so cool, I love it!!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, that would be nice. I enjoy doing it... plus I'm not working right now so i have no life and it occupies my massive amount of time :)

JafaBrit's Art said...

OH I just loved reading your post and traveling with you as you placed your flowers. I really love the yellow one by the side of the loo and the two purple one's on the fence. How cool.
Will post your blog link to our jafagirl facebook page.

Susan Gartner said...

I'm in the same town as JafaBrit and part of the effort to beautify a section of our downtown. I, too, enjoyed traveling with you as you set out to bring beauty to your area. I liked what you did with the flowers on the fence. That's a great idea. I think you've found something very positive and very productive to do with your newfound free time. Keep up the good work.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad that I took pictures, people were giving me the strangest looks but i never care about that kind of stuff. I want to make tons more too. Must buy felt!

What's funny is, the only people I told were my roommates and most my local friends don't read my blog. so I was surprised when a friend asked if i had done them. he said he was walking by the ones on the fence and as soon as he saw them i popped into his head. How funny is that? I guess my craftiness is predictable...

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